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Our office is available to assist you in any way possible with the assessment policies and procedures governed by the New York State Real Property Tax Law.

The assessor's office is responsible for determining and maintaining assessments, property inventory records, ownership interest and maps on all parcels. There are over 200 deeds processed yearly by our office. This process involves plotting deeds, adjusting parcel sizes, and transferring ownership interest on our records. The assessors provide this information to taxpayers, appraisers, bankers, realtors, attorneys and others. There are various real property tax exemptions available to eligible property owners.

The assessors receive a copy of all building permits issued by the Town of Amsterdam. The assessors review and evaluate each of these permits for either inventory or assessment changes. This process also requires the assessors to produce a supportable and defensible estimate of value from each permit. This value then becomes the new assessment.

The assessors provide a friendly service for each and every individual.

Assessor's Responsibilities

1) Determine and maintain assessments, property inventory records, ownership interest, exemptions and maps on approximately 3000 parcels.

2) Locate all taxable property in the Town and identify the ownership. Establish a taxable value for all property subject to taxation. List the values of all property on the Assessment roll.

    To establish the value of any parcel of property, the Assessor may need to know the purchase price (if any), the selling prices of similar property, what it costs to replace property, what rent it may earn, how much it takes to operate and keep it in repair and many other facts affecting its value.

    Utilizing these facts, there are three different approaches the Assessor can take to find a property's value:

    The cost approach is based upon the total of the current costs necessary to replace the property. This includes the current cost of labor, materials and indirect costs such as architectural fees, land development costs, construction financing, etc. The Assessor will also consider any depreciation which may exist.

    The income approach is the preferred method for appraising income-producing properties (investment properties), such as apartments, hotels, motels, business property, etc. The Assessor must consider operating expenses, taxes, insurance, maintenance costs and the degree of financial risk the owner takes in earning income from the property. Also, the expected return for this kind of property is considered.

    The market approach is a comparison of the property to be appraised with other similar properties that have been sold in the same or similar neighborhood. This is done very carefully since the property being appraised may have sold for more than it was worth, or for less. Using this approach, the Assessor must always consider such over- and under-pricing to arrive at a fair evaluation of the property value.

    Real estate sales are carefully analyzed to make sure they are valid market sales (arms length transactions). When several sales are confirmed and analyzed, they are considered good indicators of similar property's value. Since the appraisal process is designated to determine the "market value," this method is preferred because it reflects the actions of the majority of purchasers and users in the market place.

3) Assist taxpayers with completing the following exemption application forms and determining their eligibility: Seniors, Alternative Veterans, Enhanced Senior Star, Basic Star, Disability, Business, Clergy, Agricultural, and Wholly Exempt. The last day for filing all exemption applications for any given year is March 1. To view the various exemption forms, instruction sheets and commonly asked questions and answers, visit the New York State Office of Real Property Servicesweb site.

4) Any business applying for status under the jurisdiction of the Montgomery County Industrial Agency must file an application with the Assessor's Office by March 1. A copy of the pilot agreement must accompany the application.

5) Providing the Town of Amsterdam, Montgomery County, School Districts, and Fire Districts with their total assessed taxable values which is required to determine tax rates.

6) Apportion the assessment on all special franchise properties which are utility properties located on roll section 5 of the assessment roll.

7) Determine the assessment on all public service properties which are located on roll section 6 (utility and non ceiling railroad) of the assessment roll.

8) Providing the New York State Office of Real Property Services with an Annual Assessors Report reflecting all assessment changes from year to year including all new construction assessments, exemptions, Board of Assessment Reviews, Small Claims and Certiorari Proceeding adjustments.

9) Defending our assessment roll cases involving the Board of Assessment Review, Small Claims Hearings and Certiorari Proceedings.

Assessment Appeal Process

If you believe your assessment is incorrect, please feel free to contact the Town of Amsterdam Assessor's Office. Our assessors will be happy to listen to your concerns regarding your assessment.

The following information may help you prepare for your meeting with us so that we may understand your situation:
1) Recent purchase contracts;
2) Recent sales of similar homes in your neighborhood;
3) Current appraisal of your property.

If you are not satisfied with the determination made by the assessor after the informal review process, a complaint may be filed with the Town of Amsterdam Board of Assessment Review. The dates for filing the complaint form are between May 1st and the 4th Tuesday in May. Grievance Day is always the 4th Tuesday of May each year.

Requirements for the New STAR Exemption

Basic STAR applications may be mailed to the Assessor's Office. The applications must be completed and signed by all owners. We will need copies of drivers licenses for all owners as proof of residency.

For Senior Enhanced STAR, please come into our office. We need copies of your latest Federal Income Tax Return, and copies of drivers licenses for proof of residency and proof of age. We will gladly help you complete the application and make sure you have all the necessary documentation.

Key Dates Affecting the Assessment Process

Exemption Filing Deadline - March 1 The last day for filing all exemption applications for the current year. Applications may be filed subsequent to March 1, effective for the following year.

Taxable Status Date - March 1 The date property is valued according to ownership and condition each year.

Tentative Roll Filed - May 1

Grievance Day - 4th Tuesday in May

Final Roll Filed - July 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Where may I obtain exemption application forms and when must they be filed?

All exemption applications may be obtained at the Town Clerk's Office in theTown Hall, weekdays between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. All exemption applications must be filed no later than March 1.

BASIC STAR exemptions are for any resident owning property and residing on the property. All owners must complete the application and sign it. We will need a photocopy of all owners' drivers licenses as proof of residency. To print out a BASIC STAR exemption application, access the New York State Office of Real Property Services on the web at:

Enhanced STAR (over age 65). Please call the Assessor's office at 518-842-7961.

How do I challenge my Assessment?

A grievance complaint form may be filed after May 1; but no later than Grievance Day which is the 4th Tuesday in May. Forms may be obtained at the Assessor's Office beginning May 1.

When does my assessment change?

Assessments change as a result of new construction, fires, demolitions and periodic Town wide assessment updates which are necessary in maintaining an equitable assessment roll.

Can I view assessors tax maps?

Yes, you can view any parcel on the maps in the Assessor's office.

How to Contact the Assessor's Office
Every Tuesday from 3 pm – 6 pm or by appointment

Mailing Address:
283 Manny's Cors. Road

Amsterdam, NY 12010

Phone Number:
(518) 842-7961

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