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Water/Sewer Department

Water Repairs Complete July 17 2023

Water Break, Monday, July 17, 2023.

Water Main Break July 17 2023.2

FLUSHING 07/07/2023-07/14/2023

NOTICE OF HYDRANT FLUSHING TOWN OF AMSTERDAM: Areas included: Chapman Drive, East Main Street, Harrower Water District, Harrower Lane, Hollywood Road, Miami Avenue, Midline Road, Peter Lane, Pioneer Street, Saratoga Avenue, Steadwell (Lower) Stella Lane, Sunset Road, Route 30 from City/Town line to Fulton County line, Wallins Corners Road & Zanella Road starting Friday, July 7th РFriday, July 14th. During the flushing period, you may observe discoloration and lower than normal water pressure. If water appears discolored, please fun your cold tap water until clear. Avoid laundering during flushing. Flushing will occur in mornings and early evenings.

Amsterdam Town, NY 2811730 Annual Water Quality Report 2022

Amsterdam Town, NY 2811730 Certification Form

To comply with State regulations, the Town of Amsterdam, will be annually issuing a report describing the quality of your drinking water. The purpose of this report is to raise your understanding of drinking water and awareness of the need to protect our drinking water sources. We are very pleased to provide you with this year’s Annual Water Quality Report. The purpose of this report is to raise your understanding of drinking water and awareness of the need to protect our drinking water sources. Last year, we conducted tests for over 80 contaminants. We detected 2 of those contaminants at a level higher than the State allows. As we told you at the time, our water temporarily exceeded a drinking water standard and we modified our treatment process to rectify this problem. This report is an overview of last year’s water quality. Included are details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to New York State standards. Our constant goal is and always has been, to provide to you a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and to protect our water resources. If you have any questions concerning this report or concerning your drinking water please contact: Mr. Carl J. Rust, Water Superintendent, Town of Amsterdam, 283 Manny Corners Road, Amsterdam, NY 12010; Telephone # (518) 842-7961. We want our valued customers to be informed about their water utility. If you want to learn more, please attend any of our regularly scheduled meetings. They are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7:00 PM at the Town Office Building, Telephone (518) 842-7961.

Where does our water come from?

The Town of Amsterdam purchases its water from the City of Amsterdam. The City of Amsterdam’s water sources are the Steele Reservoir, Ireland Vly Reservoir and Round Lake Reservoir which are located in Saratoga County, New York. The treatment process at Amsterdam Water Works consists of pre-disinfection with chlorine dioxide to protect against contamination from harmful bacteria and other organisms and reduce the formation of disinfection byproducts; microfloculation using alum and poly aluminum chloride to cause small particles to stick together when the water is mixed; filtration removes smaller particles by trapping them in sand filters; pH adjustment using lime for corrosion control, and post chlorination to prevent bacterial contamination.

In general, the sources of drinking water (both tap water and bottled water) include rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs and wells. As water travels over the surface of the land or through the ground, it dissolves naturally-occurring minerals and in some cases, radioactive material, and can pick up substances resulting from the presence of animals or from human activities. Contaminants that may be present in source water include microbial contaminants; inorganic contaminants; pesticides and herbicides; organic chemical contaminants; and radioactive contaminants. In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, the State and EPA prescribe regulations, which limit the amount of certain contaminants in water, provided by public water systems. The State Health Department’s and the FDA’s regulations establish limits for contaminants in bottled water which must provide the same protection for public health.

Water conservation tips

The Town of Amsterdam encourages water conservation. There are a lot of things you can do to conserve water in your own home. Conservation tips include:

Only run the dishwasher and clothes washer when there is a full load

Use water saving showerheads

Install faucet aerators in the kitchen and the bathroom to reduce the flow from 4 to 2.5 gallons per minute

Water gardens and lawn for only a couple of hours after sunset

Check faucets, pipes and toilets for leaks and repair all leaks promptly

Take shorter showers


Thank you for allowing us to continue providing your family with clean, quality water this year. In order to maintain a safe and dependable water supply we sometimes need to make improvements that will benefit our customers. We ask that all our customers help us protect our water sources, which are the heart of our community. Please call our office if you have questions.