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Town Board

Thomas P. DiMezza, Supervisor 518-842-7961 Ext. 102

 Town Board meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6 pm.

Brent Phetteplace – Councilperson 518-441-5473
David Thibodeau – Deputy Supervisor 518-842-1217
Mary Maines – Councilperson 518-842-7725
Ronald DiCaprio – Councilperson 518-842-9505

The next Town Board Meeting is August 21st at 6 pm

Agenda Town Board 07.17.2024

Memorandum of Agreement Teamsters Local 294

Proposed Discharge of Firearms Law

Proposed Outdoor Burning

Proposed Noise Ordinance 2024

Battery Storage Recommendation


Agenda Town Board 06.26.2024

Supervisor Review of Records

***Meeting date changed for June. The June Monthly Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 26th at 6:00 PM

Town Hall is closed on Wednesday, 6/19.


The May Town Board Meeting has been rescheduled to MONDAY, MAY 20TH at 6:00 PM. The correct date is Monday, 5/20 not 5/22.

Agenda Town Board 04.24.2024

Agreement for Control of Grass and Brush Contract one year

Rama Tax Resolution

The Town Board Meeting for April is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24th at 6:00 p.m.

Agenda Town Board 03.20.2024

Town Justice Training Appointment 2024.1


Grievance Day Change Public Notice and Proposed Law

Agenda Town Board 02.21.2024.1

Resolution Establishing Grievance Day



Agenda Organizational Meeting 01.02.2024

Agenda Town Board 12.20.2023

Town Board Agenda November 15, 2023

Budget & Fire Department Hearing Notices 11.15.2023

PH Notice Zoning Law Map Amendment 11.15.2023

Zoning Local Law Ft Johnson Local Law No. 6 of 2023

Official Zoning Map (rev. 11.15.23)

Town Planning Board Recommendation FJ Zoning


Public Hearing Notice MPR Fire District 11.15.2023

Draft Resolution Creating the Fort Johnson Fire Protection District #2

Fort Johnson Fire District MPR

Public Hearing Notice MPR Fort Johnson Sewer District

Draft Resolution Creating the Fort Johnson Fire Protection District #2

Fort Johnson Sewer District MPR

Town Assessor Appointment

Amended Agenda 10.18.2023

Amsterdam Town Board Agenda October 18 2023

2024 Budget

Short Form EAF Fort Johnson Fire Protection District #2

Fort Johnson Sewer District

Fort Johnson Fire District


Agenda 09.20.2023

Temporary Moratorium Battery Storage Law & Public Hearing 09.20.2023

Golf Course Road Apartment Public Hearing 08.24.2023 11 am

Agenda Town Board 08.16.2023

Public Hearing Notice Moratorium

USESS Moratorium TB Resolution

Short Form EAF Fort Johnson Fire Protection District #2

Agenda Town Board 07.26.2023

Agenda Town Board 07.26.2023

Active Solar Route 67 Solar Proposal

EAP Services Notice to Award and Proceed_

Broodmare Barn Infrastructure Improvements (002)

The Town Board Meeting for July has been changed to July 26th at 6 pm.

Agenda TB 06.21.23

Crack Sealing Town Roads

DeNooyer Truck

Town of Amsterdam Ext 2024 2025 County Waste


Agenda 05.17.2023

Resolution Junkyard Permits

Asphalt Paving Notice 2023

Transport Oversize Loads

Travers Road No Outlet Sign

Discrimination & Harassment Policy

Harassment Complaint Form

04.19.2023 Agenda

Amsterdam Company Settlement Resolution

The regularly scheduled Town Board Meeting of March 15th has been rescheduled to Wednesday, March 22nd at 6 pm

Amended Agenda 03.22.2023






Smoke Testing

Sewer Engineering

Proposed Local Law Establish Single Appointed Assessor

RFQ Notice for Newspaper Amsterdam 119580 (002)

Agenda Amended 01.25.2023

TextMyGov Proposal – Town of Amsterdam NY –

Cooperation Agreement Fort Johnson 2023

Agreement to Spend Hwy Fund

DRAFT SolarFloatZoningAmend 230125EPG

Amsterdam Authorizing and Match Resolution

EPG Amsterdam SEQR Resolution.1

DRAFT CannabisZoningAmend 230125

DRAFT CannabisZoningAmend 230125.1

The Town Board meeting for January has been changed to January 25th starting at 5:40 pm.

Public Hearing Notice Log City Road PUD

Proposed Local Law 2023 Log City Road PUD

Log City Road Drawings Layout

Sewer Rent Law Public Hearing Notice

01.02.2023 Town Board Agenda

Agenda Amsterdam Town Board 12.21.2022

SPCA Contract


LogCityPUD_PH_Notice-revLocal Law 3 dec 2022

Agenda Town Board 11.23.2022

Town of Amsterdam CREG Implementation Grant- Resolution

Local law No. 3 of 2022 without appendix

Local Law No. 3 Appendix Log City Road

Public Hearing Notice Local Law No. 3 of 2022 Log City Road PUD

Public Hearing Notices Fire and Budget

The regularly scheduled Town Board Meeting of November 16th has been changed to  Wednesday, November 23rd.

Amended Agenda 10.19.2022

Budget 2023

Planning Board Referral Apartments in B-1

Agenda Town Board 10.19.2022

Planning Board Referral PUD Log City Road

Planning Board Referral Marijuana Dispensaries

Budget Hearing Resolution

Flood Damage Prevention Hearing Notice and Law

10.07.2022 Agenda Special Meeting

Flood Damage Prevention Hearing Notice and Law

Fall 2022 Roadside Cleanup

Agenda Town Board 09.21.2022

TTHM’s 04.01.22-06.30.22 Public Notice

Traffic Signal Agreement

Town Board Agenda August 17, 2022

Amended Town Board Agenda July 20, 2022

Three Party Escrow Agreement

Agenda Town Board June 15 2022

Tralongo Site Plan Country Ridge

Tralongo Project Narrative Country Ridge

Tralongo Application PUD

EAP Agreement


Town of Amsterdam Resolution FD

Notice of Temporary Road Closure Northampton Road

Amended Agenda May 18, 2022

Referral Resolution to Planning Board Dispensaries

Referral Resolution to Planning Board Permitting Apartments in B-1

Resolution Retail Attorney for Use Variance

Northampton Road Modifications Web

County Waste Proposal

Proposed Paving Specs 2022

Agenda Town Board May 18, 2022

Agenda Town Board 04.20.2022

Proposed Spectrum Cable Agreement

Mowing Contract 2022-2023

2022 Spring Cleanup Drop Off – April 30, 2022 7 am – 11 am

2022 Spring Cleanup Roadside

Agenda Town Board 03.16.2022

Agenda Town Board 02.16.2022

Sale of Highway Trucks

Court Room Resolution 2022.1

License Plate Reader


Agenda TB 01.26.2022

Agreement to Spend Highways 2022

Spring Road Speed Reduction


Broadband Touaruna Road

Broadband – McDonald Drive

Agenda Town Board Organizational Meeting

Agenda Town Board December 15, 2021

Net Zero PUD Log City Rd

PUD Regulations

Cannabis Opt Out Hearing Notice and Law – Local Law No. 6 of 2021 Public Hearing 12/15/21 at 6:50

Public Water Notice TTHMs 07.01.21 – 09.30.21

Town Board Agenda 11.17.2021


Agenda Town Board 10.20.2021

Agenda Town Board September 22, 2021 at 7 PM

Town Board Meeting Regularly Scheduled for Sept. 15 has been changed to Sept. 22 at 7 PM

Public Water Violation

Fall 2021 Roadside Garbage Collection

09.08.2021 Special Meeting Town Board

Adoption Resolution Solar Energy System Local Law No. 5 of 2021

Agenda Town Board Aug 18, 2021

Link below for zoom meeting


Agenda Special Meeting Amsterdam Town Bd Zoning Amendments 08.09.2021 @ 2 pm

Public Hearing Notice Law  No. 5 of 2021 Zoning Law Amendment

Proposed Local Law Zoning Amendment Solar

Proposed Solar Amendments

Agenda Town Board July 21 at 6 pm

Paving 2021 Notice to Bidders

Local Law No 4 of 2021 Solar Moratorium Extension

Town Board Agenda 06.16.2021

Paving List 2021

Highway Equipment Bond Resolution with Estoppel (003).doc

Proposed Local Law No. 4 of 2021 Land Use Moratorium

GENERAL POWERS: The Town Board is the legislative, appropriating, governing, and policy-determining body of the Town.

APPOINTS: All non-elected officers and employees of the Town.

BUDGETS: The Board acts on the budget recommended by the Town Supervisor as well as approving budget modifications or transfers.

CREATES: Non-compensatory advisory boards and, along with the Supervisor, appoints their members.

TERMS: Town Board Members serve for four years.