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Town Board

Town Board   –  Town Board meets each month on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Thomas P. DiMezza – Supervisor    518-842-7961 ext. 102
David Thibodeau – Deputy Supervisor 518-842-1217
Deborah Tessiero – Councilperson 518-842-6508
Mary Maines – Councilperson 518-842-7725
Ronald DiCaprio – Councilperson 518-842-9505

Proposed Solar Amendments

Agenda Town Board July 21 at 6 pm

Paving 2021 Notice to Bidders

Local Law No 4 of 2021 Solar Moratorium Extension

Town Board Agenda 06.16.2021

Paving List 2021

Highway Equipment Bond Resolution with Estoppel (003).doc

Proposed Local Law No. 4 of 2021 Land Use Moratorium

GENERAL POWERS: The Town Board is the legislative, appropriating, governing, and policy-determining body of the Town.

APPOINTS: All non-elected officers and employees of the Town.

BUDGETS: The Board acts on the budget recommended by the Town Supervisor as well as approving budget modifications or transfers.

CREATES: Non-compensatory advisory boards and, along with the Supervisor, appoints their members.

TERMS: Town Board Members serve for four years.